“Of our all holy days, it’s the Season of the Advent that most invites our songs.”

– Robert J. Morgan


Title: Come Let Us Adore Him

Author: Robert J. Morgan

Who should read this? Those who desire to spend some quality moments contemplating biblical truth during the holidays.

What I like about it: This book (that reads a little like a devotional) tells the stories behind several cherished Christmas hymns. In about 10 minutes you can read the history of each song, a few relevant biblical passages, and the hymn itself (the music sheet is provided if you are musically inclined).

Each Christmas I enjoy finding a few spare moments to sit down and learn about the interesting details surrounding the hymns. But more than that, I appreciate the reminder to focus on our great God and his amazing gift during the busy days that December brings.

This book is certainly worth your time during a month in which you have very little of it.

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