“Your labor in motherhood is not in vain.” – Tim Challies  Title: Devoted: Great Men and Their Godly Moms Author: Tim Challies Brief summary: This fairly short book takes a […]

“You are laying the kindling and the logs in the fireplace, so that when the spark of the Holy Spirit ignites your child’s heart, there will be a steady mature blaze.”  – Kathy […]

“Knowing that atheists consistently claim there’s ‘no evidence’ for God, we need to raise kids who understand what, exactly, that means and how to think critically about such claims.” – […]

“That squirmy little infant you bring home from the hospital is, in a short number of years, intended by God’s design to step into His world as a young man […]

“The Sticky Situations devotional offers families a year’s worth of situations to discuss and explore, meeting young people where they live: in the classroom, on the playground, at church, and […]

 “I believe our entire nation is in the midst of a collective coming-of-age crisis without parallel in our history. We are living in an America of perpetual adolescence. Our kids […]

What it is: Resurrection Eggs What is great about it: This is a fun activity to do with your young kids around Easter time. There are many different types of “Resurrection Eggs” but […]

“How true it is that God sees not as we do. He looks at the heart, while we judge by the outward conduct, and therefore often form very wrong opinions […]

“It’s understandable and right to pray for our children’s protection, health, and well-being. But too often, we slip into spiritual timidity.” – Lisa T. Bergren   Title: Upside-Down Prayers for […]