Will you be able to send your kids to school? Will everything close down again? Will churches be meeting in person? Will we be on lockdown? Will we be told […]

Last week I wrote about the sad reality that many with a Christian platform (and I’m sure many without one), are leaving the faith. They are saying, “I was a […]

Amidst the numerous newsworthy stories these last several months, one story that normally catches our attention (as Christians) went fairly unnoticed. It was the news of yet another semi-famous Christian […]

I think everyone’s brain has been extra taxed these last several months. There’s been so much to think about, to learn about, to care about — all on top of […]

Our world ain’t a pretty place. If you were starting to think it was, the year 2020 probably gave you a nice slap in the face. If it’s not death […]

We all have opinions. We have opinions about a lot of things, do we not? And we all think we see the world pretty accurately. We even think we’re fairly […]

It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying again: What a great opportunity we have right now to hit life’s reset button! Just about everybody’s schedule has been massively interrupted […]

In the last week, I bet you’ve heard (or said) something like, “I am so over this, and I’m ready for life to go back to normal.”  While there’s plenty […]

These Coronavirus days sometimes have me a bit bewildered. I can’t quite figure out how to process all the information. And voices everywhere are leading me to think or feel differently: […]