On a week like this one (with abortion discussions abounding) I’m reminded of the importance of life. And I’m reminded that we should be truly thankful. For our own lives, the lives […]

Imagine your life as a non-Christian. If you were your same age, had your same body with your same resources, I bet you could be a lot “hotter.” And by “hotter” […]

The following is a portion of an article that’s being published today on The Better Mom blog. One of my children recently auditioned for a musical. Though the chances were […]

If you’re not as physically attractive as you could be, that’s probably a good thing. In fact, I hope to convince you it’s a very good thing. Not that it’s […]

December has quite the ironic twist. It’s the time of year we most intend to reflect on our Savior’s birth, and yet it’s the month we have the least amount […]

What we know of God during the good times often gets tested during the bad.  Life is sure to bring us challenges, trials, perhaps even tragedies. And it’s in those […]

As I think about writing something, I can’t think of any normal topic that doesn’t feel trivial. I know godly living is never insignificant, but any tidbits of blogging encouragement […]

I recently wrote about the sin of anxiety. Yes, I did call it a sin. Philippians 4:6-7 tells us we shouldn’t be anxious about anything. Rather, the peace of God […]

Do you get anxious? Most people do from time to time.  In my experience, many women deal with feelings of anxiousness on a regular basis. Needless to say, these repeated […]