I think most of us genuinely like Christmas. Not only do we love celebrating Jesus’ birth, but we enjoy the extra time spent with those we love, we like the […]

I am here to declare that Santa Claus is real!  Okay, not the old plump guy in the big red suit, but the real historical man that originally inspired that […]

Working with kids usually teaches us a whole host of life lessons. And I’ve come to learn that being a dog-owner can too.  Take for instance the other day: I […]

The morning began with tears. One of my daughters did not want to go to school. The reason was connected to a PE class in which she got hurt the […]

I heard a sermon on Hell recently and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I realize that sounds a bit weird. Normally we like encouraging sermons, or sermons […]

A few weeks back I found myself contemplating whether I’m doing enough in life. It all started when I heard what a few women were accomplishing that particular weekend—women who’s […]

I recently visited my childhood hometown. I’ve visited several times before, but this time my mom was living in the very same neighborhood in which I spent my last few […]

Who wouldn’t think that someone who goes to church, reads their Bible, and says they love Jesus isn’t a Christian? What about a person who shares the gospel, prays regularly, […]

Swim parties, BBQ’s, Beach Nights — Summer usually brings extra hangout time for us all. And since we are likely doing this “hangout time” with the people we love, why […]