Palm Sunday is behind us, and we’re now approaching Easter weekend. Without a doubt, Easter 2020 will stand out for years to come. Many churches around the nation (and world) […]

I watched a documentary last night and I woke up unable to shake off the heaviness. It was about COVID-19, of course. Surely the movie was meant to stir emotions […]

Last week I chatted with a gal who’s recently been diagnosed with cancer. Well, I suppose the diagnoses isn’t super recent; she’s already finished radiation and she’s waiting to hear […]

Sometimes we learn lessons before we need them. This happened to me not long ago, and it was a biblical truth I don’t necessarily look forward to applying. But chances […]

I feel as though I should start with a few disclaimers:  #1. I have not owned a dog for very long, so my perspective is limited.  #2. I realize not […]

Last week I argued (well, I didn’t “argue”, but you know what I mean) that it’s quite easy to be like the world. In fact, when we look at 1 John […]

Remember when your mom used to say “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it?” The unmistakable point to this silly question was, “It doesn’t matter what everyone […]

As each new schooling semester starts up, I find myself planning like crazy. I typically re-evaluate the current classes my girls take, their extra curricular involvements (or lack thereof) and […]

Come January most of us are thinking about new goals for a new year. Even if we don’t declare our resolutions, in all likelihood, we have decided on a few […]