All marriages seem to experience different seasons. There’s great seasons, hard seasons, exciting seasons, new seasons, painful seasons, and seasons we don’t even know how to define. But there’s one […]

Most of us are suddenly living in a world of unknowns. The Coronavirus has kinda turned everything upside down, has it not? In many ways, we have no idea what […]

Most of us are pretty decent encouragers. At least when we want to be. We have uplifting words for disheartened people. We know how to support discouraged friends. We use […]

It’s no secret that people make things a bigger deal than necessary. Especially when someone is offended by something said or done to them,  blowing things out or proportion happens […]

No marriage is perfect. At least none that I’ve heard of. Actually, I’m quite confident no marriage has ever been perfect because there’s never been 2 sinless people. And sin, […]

February means romance is in the air! Or, it means it’s not, and Valentine’s Day won’t let you forget it. Which is fine if you are single, but not so […]

Well, my sister recently moved away, and it was a bittersweet goodbye. On one level it’s just plain sad. She is fantastic not only as a sister, but as a […]

Each of us lives out our biblical role as “helpmate” in different ways. After all, what is “helpful” to one husband may be entirely unhelpful to another! However, there is […]

Seeking to be desirable almost sounds inappropriate. The problem is, being “desirable” has become cheap — just about anyone can portray themselves as sexy, on just about any platform. But […]