As wives, we wear a lot of hats. Not only do we desire to be good wives, but we often take on numerous responsibilities in our church, community, or workplace. […]

A wedding can be a fun occasion. Each married person attending may feel different about the state of their marriage, but weddings remind us all of “the beginning.” We remember […]

It’s been said that “opposites attract.” Whether or not it’s true, many people do find they are quite different from their spouse. During the dating stage, this realization of distinctly […]

Everyone knows encouraging words are crucial for healthy relationships. Some people even suggest we use a mathematical equation when we weigh our words — “Remember to say five positive things […]

In the Christian culture, we are taught not to be “showy” in regards to how we look. Rightfully so. 1 Timothy 2:9-10 describes the “respectable apparel” of a godly woman […]

If you are like most people, life is busy, and going on dates with your husband is rare. But this is a pattern to fight. I doubt you need convincing, […]

In this series of blog posts entitled “What Every Husband Wants,” we have tackled our selfishness, our ingratitude, and our semi-rude tendencies that can negatively impact our husbands. The solution […]

The last painful visit down the “let’s be better wives” road involved us admitting our selfishness and ingratitude makes us not particularly pleasant wives (If you didn’t read “What Every  […]

Before marriage, we all thought we would be the most amazing wife. If we were to visualize our life ten years into marriage, we surely would have pictured ourselves with […]