In the Christian culture, we are taught not to be “showy” in regards to how we look. Rightfully so. 1 Timothy 2:9-10 describes the “respectable apparel” of a godly woman […]

Hopefully Valentine’s Day has led to a nice date night for you and your husband! I know some people are semi-opposed to this holiday that forces you to show love […]

In this series of blog posts entitled “What Every Husband Wants,” we have tackled our selfishness, our ingratitude, and our semi-rude tendencies that can negatively impact our husbands. The solution […]

The last painful visit down the “let’s be better wives” road involved us admitting our selfishness and ingratitude makes us not particularly pleasant wives (If you didn’t read “What Every  […]

Before marriage, we all thought we would be the most amazing wife. If we were to visualize our life ten years into marriage, we surely would have pictured ourselves with […]

“If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!” — This is fabulous advice for our kids. It might even be better advice for us wives. […]

As wives, our days can become quite routine. We wake up and get ready for the day, move on to what’s on the to-do list and proceed to take care […]

We women, all have a little Delilah in us…that is not a compliment. I’m not sure how well you remember the story – but in short, Delilah won the heart […]

What if there was just one thing we could work on that would solve most of our marital problems?!  That just sounds too simplistic right? But maybe it’s not…follow me […]