My Church…

I love my church. Truly, I do. Compass Bible Church, in Aliso Viejo, is the church I get to call home.

Compass started in 2005 in the area my husband and I had just moved to. We were looking for a church and found ourselves attending Compass’ second weekend. The moment the service ended, my husband and I looked at each other and said, “This is our new church!” If you have been to Compass or heard the preaching, you know why. Our Senior Pastor is the author of a book entitled, “Preaching that Changes Lives,” and that is exactly what comes from his pulpit. There is not a week that goes by in which I am not challenged, encouraged, and spurred on to obey God more thoughtfully, sacrificially, or whole-heartedly.

Some might say we take biblical living a little too serious. But I am thoroughly convinced that the weight we give to holiness will never surpass how serious God takes it. Compass is a place where Christ followers are truly challenged to follow Christ.

God is doing good things at Compass Bible Church. If you are not part of a church and live near any of our church plants, I encourage you to check it out! Or if you want to add an extra dose of biblical preaching to your spiritual diet, you can check out our preaching LiveFeed, or you can find sermons at FocalPoint Ministries. 

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