I think most of us genuinely like Christmas. Not only do we love celebrating Jesus’ birth, but we enjoy the extra time spent with those we love, we like the […]

I am here to declare that Santa Claus is real!  Okay, not the old plump guy in the big red suit, but the real historical man that originally inspired that […]

December has quite the ironic twist. It’s the time of year we most intend to reflect on our Savior’s birth, and yet it’s the month we have the least amount […]

If there was one thing we’ll all do this week (besides open presents, eat lots of food and spend time with family), it will be to sing a Christmas song […]

Before we know it, the hustle and bustle of Christmas will be over, and we will be getting used to the idea of the year 2020! It’s a little painful […]

Everyone is into the whole Christmas thing. At least most everyone. Lifestyle, beliefs, age, maturity–it doesn’t seem to change the fact that we all like Christmas. This means we Christians […]