I feel as though I should start with a few disclaimers:  #1. I have not owned a dog for very long, so my perspective is limited.  #2. I realize not […]

Sometimes we complicate parenting. Especially as Christian parents, there are so many things we want to teach our kids. But isn’t it interesting that Jesus said all of the law […]

I suspect we want our children to respond calmly when things don’t go as they’d hope. We’d also like it if our kids didn’t snap at each other. And we […]

Everyone knows encouraging words are crucial for healthy relationships. Some people even suggest we use a mathematical equation when we weigh our words — “Remember to say five positive things […]

Holidays are great. They provide some extra fun moments amidst the treadmill of life. They often force us to stop and celebrate with the people we love. And perhaps best […]

The last painful visit down the “let’s be better wives” road involved us admitting our selfishness and ingratitude makes us not particularly pleasant wives (If you didn’t read “What Every  […]

Before marriage, we all thought we would be the most amazing wife. If we were to visualize our life ten years into marriage, we surely would have pictured ourselves with […]

As wives, our days can become quite routine. We wake up and get ready for the day, move on to what’s on the to-do list and proceed to take care […]