Summer is basically upon us. Which means, sweaters and scarves are long gone, and shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits are back in. And can I just say, as a […]

Imagine your life as a non-Christian. If you were your same age, had your same body with your same resources, I bet you could be a lot “hotter.” And by “hotter” […]

If you’re not as physically attractive as you could be, that’s probably a good thing. In fact, I hope to convince you it’s a very good thing. Not that it’s […]

My husband and I recently had a date night planned that involved dinner and a musical. In order to make arrangements with the babysitter, we did some math. If we […]

Modesty is a tricky area. Because the Bible doesn’t define appropriate clothing in black and white terms, we are often left wondering how to apply the principles of modesty. However, […]

I usually steer clear of what we call the “gray areas” in the Christian life. But sometimes, something has got to be said. This is one of those times. I […]