You know those days where you set out to accomplish everything — Those days when you are ready to conquer the world! Those days when you decide you will cross […]

Half a banana two hours prior wasn’t cutting it. I tried to workout, but there simply wasn’t enough calories to provide the fuel I needed. Consequently, my treadmill went slower […]

Picture yourself going back to Jr High or High School. For some of you, that sounds painful. Don’t worry; we are not going to relive any memories. Just pretend for […]

The not-so-genius tip from last week was: having a great quiet time starts by just having a quiet time (you can read part 1 here). This will prove true if […]

Do you remember the childhood Sunday School song, “Read your Bible, pray every day, and you’ll grow, grow grow…and you’ll grow, grow, grow…..”?  That sounded like such a novel thought […]