Our world ain’t a pretty place. If you were starting to think it was, the year 2020 probably gave you a nice slap in the face. If it’s not death […]

We all have opinions. We have opinions about a lot of things, do we not? And we all think we see the world pretty accurately. We even think we’re fairly […]

This week, in lieu of a new blog post, I wanted to share with you an excellent teaching I heard this week by Stephanie Schwartz (the women’s ministry director at […]

It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying again: What a great opportunity we have right now to hit life’s reset button! Just about everybody’s schedule has been massively interrupted […]

Most of us are suddenly living in a world of unknowns. The Coronavirus has kinda turned everything upside down, has it not? In many ways, we have no idea what […]

Dare I say, all moms have heard countless times, “Enjoy this time with your kids, it will go by fast.” Without a doubt, those who’ve gone before us want us […]

I watched a documentary last night and I woke up unable to shake off the heaviness. It was about COVID-19, of course. Surely the movie was meant to stir emotions […]