“You are laying the kindling and the logs in the fireplace, so that when the spark of the Holy Spirit ignites your child’s heart, there will be a steady mature blaze.”  – Kathy […]

“Knowing that atheists consistently claim there’s ‘no evidence’ for God, we need to raise kids who understand what, exactly, that means and how to think critically about such claims.” – […]

“It’s understandable and right to pray for our children’s protection, health, and well-being. But too often, we slip into spiritual timidity.” – Lisa T. Bergren   Title: Upside-Down Prayers for […]

“You are the #1 resource in God’s toolbox to meet the needs of your spouse” – Pastor Mike Fabarez  Sermon Series: More than Friends Speaker: Pastor Mike Fabarez Where you […]

“This series chronicles the exciting, challenging, and deeply touching true stories of ordinary men and women whose trust in God accomplished extraordinary exploits for His kingdom and glory. Each inspiring […]

“When God created us in his image, made us beautiful, and gave us a taste for beauty to enjoy this beautiful world, it was not so that we could squander […]

“‘You only go around once in this life,’ as they say, and so we had better be sure that when it is over we are ready to meet our Maker.” […]

“…As you can tell, this story is a big story. In fact, it’s the biggest story.  It’s a familiar story to some of us. It’s a true story for all […]