The morning began with tears. One of my daughters did not want to go to school. The reason was connected to a PE class in which she got hurt the […]

Do you want to raise thankful kids — ones that habitually express gratitude? What about thankful kids who turn into truly grateful adults? Silly question right? Of course you do […]

A wedding can be a fun occasion. Each married person attending may feel different about the state of their marriage, but weddings remind us all of “the beginning.” We remember […]

“If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!” — This is fabulous advice for our kids. It might even be better advice for us wives. […]

We women, all have a little Delilah in us…and that is not a compliment. I’m not sure how well you remember the story – but in short, Delilah won the heart […]