“Knowing that atheists consistently claim there’s ‘no evidence’ for God, we need to raise kids who understand what, exactly, that means and how to think critically about such claims.”

– Natasha Crain 


Title: Talking with Your Kids about God

Author: Natasha Crain

Who should read this? Dads and Moms

Brief summary: This book is essentially a guide for having 30 critical conversations about God with our kids. Each chapter explains a new issue, includes a simple list of the related key points, and has a conversation guide. The goal of this book, as well as all of Natasha Crain’s material (see her blog: christianmomthoughts.com), is to equip parents as they seek to raise kids who understand the rational and logical reasoning behind the Christian faith.

What I like about it: We need resources like this! Our culture is becoming more and more anti-Christian, and it’s foolish to think we can send our kids into the world without equipping them to think logically about God, the Bible, and Christianity as a whole. Natasha’s material is just what we need to remember the key apologetic issues we should cover, and she does a great job unpacking each one.

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