This is where the idea of my blog was born. It all started one late afternoon as I was standing at the stove cooking dinner, as worn out as can be. While leaning on the counter, ready to fall over, I thought to myself, “Man I could use a little quick biblical-mom-perspective-pick-me-up.” And with my phone in reach, I searched something like “godly mom blog.” I don’t remember what I found, but it apparently wasn’t satisfactory because within the hour I was typing away teaching myself some biblical-mom-perspective! So I guess you could say I started writing mom stuff selfishly – I needed to process my tough days with biblical truth.*

To be honest, what you will often find here is the encouragement needed for the more, what shall I call them… exhausting kinds of days. Not because there aren’t MANY great and wonderful days, but because those are the days we don’t need the extra boost. Those are the days we are hopefully busy enjoying our little ones.

So come on back when you have a “bad mom day,” or just want a little extra perspective and hopefully you will find some “quick biblical-mom-perspective-pick-me-up!” 


*Sometimes I find myself just writing about common mom experiences….there’s my caveat so you don’t picture me in EVERY crazy scenario!

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