Whether we were ready or not, the school year has come! And whether we like it or not, Fall 2020 is probably different than we hoped it would be. No […]

I remember a day not long ago when I was trying to be an extra fun mom. It was the middle of a rainy season (well, a California version of […]

Dare I say, all moms have heard countless times, “Enjoy this time with your kids, it will go by fast.” Without a doubt, those who’ve gone before us want us […]

One of the most spiritually productive things we can do for our children is integrate their life into the life of a solid Bible-teaching, God-centered church. Without a doubt, when […]

Do you remember those early years of marriage when you realized what you thought was normal wasn’t exactly normal to your spouse (and vise versa)? Maybe you thought dinner should […]

It’s no secret that June was pride month. Everywhere we went there were rainbows, and “pride” plastered on retailer’s windows. It’s crazy how things have changed in even my lifetime. […]

I have a number of family-friendly fun things planned this Summer, and we’ve started to check them off the list one by one. Of course there’s lots of swimming, and […]

“Life is not fair” is a common mantra shared at the most inopportune moments. Most of the time it’s a reminder that you aren’t going to get what you want. […]

Summer is basically upon us. Which means, sweaters and scarves are long gone, and shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits are back in. And can I just say, as a […]